Test Kits - Perma Salt system


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Jun 16, 2020
San Antonio TX
I'm so happy to find this group.

I have a Perma Salt system that I bought from Family Leisure. My 24ft pool is only 1 year old.

Last year it stayed perfectly clear. This year... I've been battling cloudy water for weeks.

Will the recommended kits work with my perma salt system? I hate the strips they sell me.



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Sep 9, 2018
Summit Hill, PA
There is no better kit than the TF-100 from Test Kits I also recommend the Taylor K-1766 Salt Test Kit.

Getting testing and post your results here. There are A LOT of knowledgeable people here that will jump in to help you out.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Welcome to TFP!

Unfortunately we don't support the use of the Perma Salt system. It introduces copper in to the water, which can cause staining, and runs dangerously low chlorine levels that provide inadequate sanitation. While the TF-100 is a great kit it won't do much good when used with that system. It's best when used with the TFPC method of pool care taught here.

As this is your first post I always like to direct people to the ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry. We use a bunch of terms and abbreviations that it helps to have that primer to sometimes understand what the heck we're talking about ;)