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Sep 14, 2019
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It’s been about 1 month since replastered pool was filled with 20,000 gallons of water - water bill $140 vs 21. PB used some calculation and came up with 30,000 gallons before refill but the bill proved his math incorrect.

Anyway he’s been doing the testing. I have the tf-100 test kit ready to go. I am covering the pool soon, too cold for swimming. The water is looking cloudy. It’s rained a ton and constant influx of leaves. PB has gotten less attentive. I figured I would start testing in spring but looks like I should test today before cloudy becomes green.

Given that pool not in use and soon to be covered should I run all the tests in the kit orjust the k1000 sufficient to get clarity back?


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Cloudy is a precursor to algae. I would use the TF-100 fully to confirm all levels. At that point you want to confirm two things:
1 - The pool's overall water balance (pH, TA, CH, and water temp) are balanced and not too hard (scale) or aggressive (erosion).
2 - Confirm FC/CYA ratio and compare to the FC/CYA Chart. Be prepared to do an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test if needed to confirm the presence of algae.

Your plaster is over a month old, so a SLAM Process can be started if needed. If you leave it as-is, there's a good possibility you'll have a green pool as soon as the water temp increases in the spring. If you cover soon, make sure to remove all leaves and such so that they don't sit and stain your new plaster.


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Jul 21, 2013
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If you close your pool as is then give it a good dose of chlorine and Polyquat 60 before covering and plan on opening the pool as early as possible.