Temporarily Repair Liner?


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May 19, 2018
Cranbury, NJ
Thanks to massive flooding from Hurricane Henri, our liner lifted. We’ve struggled with it lifting in the past (it did this winter), and just had it stretched back into place. At this point we will need to replace and install a sump pit but since that isn’t feasible until next season, is there anyway to make it usable for the rest of the summer? It is still in the liner lock so it hasn’t dropped down, but it’s full of massive wrinkles and has pulled away from the wall.


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Jul 3, 2013
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Has the water behind the liner receded yet? Did the liner go back into its normal position? Most of the time nothing can be done during the event... A sump pit in your future would be a great thing :)


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May 19, 2018
Cranbury, NJ
The majority of the water finally receeded. My husband had to wet vac a bunch out and we were able to stretch the wall that came out back into place. Unfortunately there are a million wrinkles. It looks like we will have to replace this next season and add some sump put…no idea why it wasn’t installed originally 😏
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