??? Teflon tape or paste


May 26, 2010

I recently installed a new filter and followed all instructions regarding teflon tape and 1 to 1-1/4 turn past hand tight. Tape is approx 6-7 wraps and approx. midway point on threads. Still dripping. This is at all threaded couplings and unions. I siliconed the unions at the o-ring as well.

What's better?? I picked up some NGas teflon tape as it seems thicker? Any ideas?

Thanks to all.

PS. I am signing up to be a TFP supporter tonite as this site saved me alot of $$$$ and is worth it!


May 26, 2010
Thanks. Now for the stupid question of the day! Is it best to apply halfway up thread to keep it from entering filter as it gets tight? Or does it matter?


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Apr 4, 2009
I use it liberally, any excess will get caught by the filter or vacumed up in the pool. I've had good luck with Oatley's Great White Paste with teflon :goodjob:


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Jul 10, 2009
The thicker (and pricier) silicon thread tape from Home Depot works nicely when a liberal application of many wraps of teflon tape is insufficient to stop dripping connectors.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Use the paste on the larger pipes and apply it so it evenly covers the entire length of the threads, wipe off the excess after you have tightened the joint.


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Apr 10, 2010
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Always use paste on larger schedule 40 and PVC. The threads are form molded and not cut with a die. Use tape on small metal fittings. Just a side note... Old school plumbers use to use rope in the threads of cast iron to keep them from leaking because the threads were so sloppy.


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May 23, 2010
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you know, i thought that only happened to me, all my thread in adapters leaked to. i asked a guy at lowes once where the teflon tape was, and he said for what, and i told him, and his reply was, YOU DONT NEED TAPE FOR PVC, ONLY METAL. and so it turns out not only do you need tape, it doesnt even work w/ tape. i threaded them in all the way and still leaked, so yeah paste is the only way to go, but nobdy tells you that. i just had to chime in on this thread cause i found it amusing, cause it happened to me to. and im so glad i found this site, for the abundance of information thats here