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Jan 17, 2012
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You can. How's your pH looking? Especially if your pH keeps rising so lowering the TA helps keep it more stable. As you add MA to lower pH, it will also drag your TA down with it.

If you don't need/want lower pH, use MA to bring your pH down to 7.2 then use a fountain or water features to bring the pH back up again. Your TA will remain lowered. How much lower I can't say exactly as its something you sometimes need to repeat.

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Aug 10, 2012
Here is the longer answer on TA. The lower your TA is the more slowly your pH will rise. Until the TA gets too low and your pH becomes erratic. That usually happens with TA around 40 or 50. So, if your TA is 100 your pH will rise faster than if your TA is 60. Every time you add acid to lower PH it will also lower TA. Gradually, the TA and pH will reach equilibrium. As the TA slowly drops the pH will rise slower until they get to a happy place. That usually happens with TA around 60-80 in a non-saltwater pool, 50-60 in a saltwater pool, and pH at 7.8 in the south-southwest, from TX/OK over to CA. (Another reason we ask for your state in your location)

I believe that TA in tap water in OKC is high though, 140ish?, so the more evaporation you have the more your fill water will push TA up.

If you are tired of adding acid every X number of days you can actively lower your TA following this process, Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity