Switching over above ground pool to salt water generator

May 13, 2008
Before I use standard chemicals etc. for my new above ground pool, I was wondering about what's involved in switching over to a SWG later on? Does it involve draining the pool or ??? Or can I just hook it up and go with the water in the pool at the time? Very new to owning a pool. Last one I had was when I was a kid, and the maintenence was easy then (for me anyway :)


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May 7, 2007
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You can add a SWG to an existing pool and all you need to do is add salt to the water. For an above ground pool you might want to double check that all your screws really are stainless steel. They ought to already be stainless, but there have been some reports of cheap screws, mostly on above ground pools, failing after adding salt.
May 13, 2008
OK thanks for the info and the welcome. Just wanted to be sure I can switch it at any time if I so desire. I've found the info on here regarding chemicals to be invaluable, not to mention very eye opening. I remember the days as a kid where all we did was test the chlorine and the ph with those dual vial type testers with the drops :) Seems to have evolved quite a bit since then.
Not really, it's just that many home users have discovered that those little two way testers (which are still very common) are NOT enough.