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Mar 27, 2009
Does anyone know if there is an LED bulb or compete light kit that will fit into an old swimquip niche? I have been looking around and it seems like my only option is the standard 500 watt bulb and a colored lens kit. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 11, 2008
Flintstone, GA USA
Yes, there is a pure white LED bulb that will fit perfectly and replace the edison type bulb. It is made by J&J electronics. I have been talking with them about this and have not ordered it though because I want a color changing LED bulb that will fit the old swimquip niche. Jack with their sales told me last fall that they were coming out with the white light in January of this year and the colored one would be out sometime later. So far the colored one is not out yet .

Contact them. You can find them by googling J&J Electronics or J and J Electronics.

Hope this helps.

Several pool suppliers still carry the light kit for the old SwimQuip niche but not the bulb. You can get it by contacting J&J.

I have not been able to find the lense kit that SwimQuip use to have. No one has it. I found one but the supplier said they did not know if the lense kit would fit the original SwimQuip light.

A pool contractor sold me the Hayward Color Logic light and said it would fit hte SwimQuip niche but it would not and he will not give me my money back. Sorry contractors, I have had 4 of them so far since last fall working on remodeling pool and deck for a cost of approx 32,000.00 and had to fire all of them. I have hired the 5th one and so far he has done what he said he would.

Please let me know your results.


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Jul 11, 2008
Flintstone, GA USA
CraigMW said:
What about this:

http://www.poolsupplyworld.com/homepage ... QgodNho60Q

There are several other options for this kind of bulb on eBay.
The color logic light you referenced http://www.poolsupplyworld.com will not fit in the SwimQuip niche. The only option available at present is the pure white led bulb that I told you about from J&J Electronice which will replace perfectly the Edison type 500 watt bulb that came with the light originally. If you want the color changing led bulb that will replace the original edison type bulb then you have to wait until J&J Electronics comes out with it. I have not been able to find out at this point when this will be. When they do all you have to do is order it and take the lense off your light and screw out the edison 500 watt white bulb and screw in the led color chaning one then replace the original gasket with a new on that J&J makes and install the light back into the niche. There is no other color led bulb that will fit the SwimQuip niche.

Jun 28, 2008
Cleburne, TX
The year is now 2014 and I still can't find an LED color changing bulb that will fit my Swimquip housing. Considering using a smaller spa light that will fit in the housing and I know the light output will be less... has anyone tried using a spa light?

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