SWG showing 3000 but tests showing 6000 - 4 yr old T-15 cell


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Feb 5, 2020
Katy TX
Thanks @conphil and @mguzzy. I do see chlorine production and this was confirmed by pool tech yesterday. I will report back to this thread on how the new cell reports. Am curious as well since this is just an algorithm that derives salinity from amp, voltage and temp. My concern was initially whether this could be the board itself, but as the tech says, replace the cell first and then go from there. Not sure if it helps, but it was quite interesting that at one point when the polarity was reversed, the amps was at 2.14 and the instant salinity reading was at 600. Even though the average reading was at 2400. But again, like all of you stated, this is an indicator of a failing cell. Hope to replace next week as it will be raining most of this week in Houston. That will help get my salinity down from the 500 ppm it is today. :)