SWG has not worked properly since it was installed


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Jun 4, 2012
:cry: Our Pool Pilot system has not worked properly since it was installed. We have had to replace the control board twice since it was installed in May 2005, the system has never produced chlorine as it should. We have replaced the cell 3 times. Right now we are fighting the pool turning green on a daily basis. We live in Orlando, FL and our pool is not screened in. The pool pilot says there is 000ppm of salt and the pool supply store (we have been to 3 different ones) says the salt is exactly where it should be (appx 3500ppm) and the board says "check flow" and Purifier "off". I have read different posts about replacing, testing and cleaning the trisensor. Where should we start?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Tell us a few things about your pool and equipment.
Pool size.
Swcg model.
Pump size.
Single or 2-speed pump.
Filter type & size.
How old is the latest cell.