swg giving me probs

Apr 24, 2012
hey ive got a 22x52 intex above ground weve had it set up around 2-3 months now with a intex swg from day one pool has been awesome about a week ago i put a light in the pool that replaces the water inlet jet thingy so i had to drain about 10" of water or so from the pool i refilled it and carried on the pool after a few days started getting a green algie and the swg keept coming up low salt so i checked the level of salt and bought it back up to around 3800ppm well it kept saying low salt so i added some more were now around 4600ppm but its still saying low salt on the swg ,it will run for like 5 mins ant then throws the code 91 ,the plates were kinda white and scaley so i took it apart and soaked the plates until they were clean again put it back together and its still throwing the low salt light ,is this a water problem or im thinking a swg problem anyone had a similar problem and maybe be able to shed some light on the sitution because my kids are not happy with the pool out of action on there summer holidays


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Feb 23, 2008
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Let me see if I follow what you are saying. It sounds as though you replaced a pool return with a light of sorts and now you have algae? What are your test results?
Apr 24, 2012
Il run some tests tonight and post the results I'm guessing the algae is a result of the pool having a low salt content due to I'm guessing the swg not producing like it should and me taking 10" of water out and refilling with just plain water
Apr 24, 2012
ok her goes with my test results

salt 4660ppm
copper 0.1 ppm
ph 8.0
alcalinity 340ppm
cal hardnes 300ppm
chlorine is 0

does this sound about right i used a leslies pool supply kit hopefully yall can help me out

just to add the pool is super clear apart from the algie thats collecting on the bottom theres no staining on the sides or anything it just looks like dirt on the bottom but when i vaccum it out its a dark green


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May 7, 2007
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Your alkalinity is very high, which is going to drive up the PH quite rapidly and cause calcium scaling on the SWG very quickly. That is the most likely source of the low salt reading. It probably needs a more through cleaning. There is a possibility that something else is wrong, but calcium scale is the most likely issue.

You should lower the PH to around 7.2 right away, and read up in Pool School on how to lower TA.

In the meantime, you should add some chlorine manually. If the SWG can't produce chlorine, you still need chlorine in the pool.

Also, do you know your CYA level?
Apr 24, 2012
sorry im a newby whats a cyl lol

i put a chlorine tab in there last night as the swg wernt working i think ive got some ph reducer in the shop il put that in tonight and see what happens whats the best way to clean the plates on the swg they look clean with no scaling on them at the mo they was covered before
Apr 24, 2012
still having fun with this bought my ph level down to 7.2 my fc is now .5 ma alcalinity is down to 300ppm still not getting a cya reading with my test kit so im guessing this is still super low ,the swg when i turn it on now will run for a couple of mins then shut down and put up the service light so could it be toast


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Jul 30, 2010
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What do the swg's plates look like?

If it has buildup on or between the plates you need to follow the vinegar cleaning instruction in the manual