Sun shelf design ideas?


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Jul 27, 2020
Regarding the steps: you kinda have to determine the depth of the shelf first. That determines if the shelf will be the top step, or come off of a lower step. The steps would likely be different for each of those scenarios. We also need to have an idea where the slope to the deep end starts, and how deep that shallow end is, etc. That determines where the steps need to start and stop.

You or the contractor should be working with some sort of overhead drawing or rendering to help you design the shelf and steps. It's hard for us to help without that, and without all the dimensions involved...
Our pool is very deep. The shallowest part is to my chin! I’m 5’2” so since this is a remodel and are raising the pool an additional 3”, we are going to need to raise the shallow end about 3-4 inches so that it’s not over my head. So that’s when the discussion of adding a sun shelf was made.
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Jul 10, 2012
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Steps-I say put them along the long wall by the house. That will allow people to use the side of the pool as a hand hold. You can also put a hand rail there as well. This will stop anyone from taking a running jump into the pool in the step area and possible hitting them on the way down.
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