Suggestions on my numbers


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Oct 15, 2011
New pool owner as of last fall. I have stopped using the ionizer, and have been trying the BBB method. Here are my numbers....

FC 6.6 (just shocked a couple days ago with Aqua Chem Shock Plus, and have been keeping a floater with the chlorine tablets in the pool) obviously I need to do something different here, just not sure as to what.
TC 6.6
PH 7.5 ish
TA 90
CH 350
CYA 45
Any suggestions as what to do to maintain correct levels, especially the chlorine issue would be greatly appreciated.
Also, is it the Borax that is actually being used as the algaecide? If not, what is keeping algae at bay? The Chlorine level I have?
Last question, I have a drip on the PVC piping going into the suction side of the pump, I read that aquarium silicone applied while pump is running might fix this???
Thank you in advance!!!!

16X32 IG vinyl 23,000 gal.
Hayward S200 High Rate Sand Filter
Pump runs 9 hrs daily


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Jan 6, 2010
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Bleach. That's what keeps the algae at bay, that's what maintains FC. Read Pool School some more.

The drip depends on where it starts. Could be a threaded connection that needs tightening, a cracked pipe, who knows? But if the repair involves cutting pipes and buying new fittings, I think i'd try silicon first, too!