suggestions after opening inground 22 gallon SWG Pool


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Apr 21, 2008
Here in West Virginia
cover off early- been getting hot here

SWG running 24/7
Cover Off

Water is clear but bottom in the shallow end and some of the sides have algae film on the bottom.

Here are my beginning numbers

FC- 3 ( added a few gallons of bleach last month) while the cover was on.
PH is 7.0
Alk 40
need to test CYA 0 betting its 40-50

Here is my question and plan of attack
I am going to shock the pool to ~ 15 FC

SHould I wait till i get a shock level before I either
1. brush the bottom
2. manually vac the bottom
3. use my new robot on the bottom

And does the robots work ok with colder water? Like 60 degress now.

I want to limit the water getting stirred up cause it is clear, just the film on the bottom.


here are some pics



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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Hey Mike,

You need to SLAM the pool. Have you done this before, and do you have one of the test kits we suggest? If so, please put up a full set of numbers for us, and start reading Pool School again. Check out the basics, and the SLAM articles. You will need to follow that process to the letter so you can get this cleared up.

Robots will work well enough, but your problem is proper Chlorine levels and overall balance. You have to stay on top of it even with a cover, or some of them for sure. Especially when we have warm winters and early springs like this year.

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