Suction Side Vacuum question


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Jan 2, 2017
Hello helpful members! I have a question regarding my suction side pool vacuum. I do have a robot, but I tend to use the suction cleaner through the cooler/colder months. I've always just manually turned it on every day or two. I'd like to set up a program for it to go on its own--but here is my question. If I have the schedule set up (say daily for 2 hours) and we decide to swim, so we remove the vac/hose from the port. If we forget about it, and when the schedule kicks on (obviously the port is "closed") what will happen? Will the pump recognize the flow restriction and switch off or over to normal filter/recirculation mode?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Show us pics of your pump, equipment, and valves and what valve you turn to turn on your vacuum port.

Is any water being pulled from the skimmers or main drain when the vacuum port is open?
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