Stubborn Hard Water Line


Aug 13, 2019
Mesa, Arizona
I have been trying to remove the unsightly water line on my pool and water feature this summer. I live in AZ and hard water is an issue as soon as we fill our pools. However, the current line (pictures attached) will not go away no matter the method.

Failed Methods (in order):
220 wet/dry sand paper (no impact)
Pumice Stone (no impact)
Leslie's Scale and Stain Remover (minimum impact)
Muriatic Acid - 31% (no impact)

Current readings: CL: 3.7 (range 3-5, keep high during monsoon season), PH: 7.5, TA: 100, CH: 355, CYA: high

I was going to try a power washer next (water only, no abrasive agent), but want some advice first on this topic.



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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
:wave: Welcome to TFP!!!

Pressure washer will not do it ... been there done that. Unless you have a crazy high pressure one which will cause damage to grout, etc.

There are many media blasters around that will come out and blast it off for $300-400 ... at one point I was going to spend that money on the equipment so I could do it myself, but have not gotten around to it :D


Aug 13, 2019
Mesa, Arizona
Thanks, Jason! I’m glad I came across this site/forum!
Those blasting videos are pretty cool, I wish there was a residential version available (sticker shock). For now, I got a quote for $3.50/ft which is around your guestimate.