Stonescapes minipebble Tahoe or Tropics blue?


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Apr 29, 2013
Frisco, TX
zephard said:
christophertx said:
We had the same decision - Tahoe Blue or Tropics Blue (Midnight Blue was too dark for us). We have a NPT Tile office here in Dallas (who make Stonescapes) and dropped in to speak with them about it. They said Tahoe Blue is their most popular color. It can have a slight green tint to it depending on the particular application, lighting, depth, etc. Tropics blue is [supposed to be] a little more blue and slightly darker.

We went with the Tropics Blue and had our first plaster day yesterday (acid washing today). I'll post some additional pics after we get the water in.

Would love to see it with water in it (right after) and when you get the chems in line. I will be posting ours in our construction thread here. I think we get plaster early next week.
Zephard - Here are some pics now that water chemistry is in line. Keep in mind my depth profile is 3.5'-5'-4' and this at 11a in the Texas sun. It's a little darker than I expected it to be, but I like it.

I took a look at your updated pics in your build thread and your color looks similar (given depth, light, etc) - which I think looks pretty good, btw. How do you like it?

[attachment=1:1dzvfcum]2013-08-17 Pool 004.jpg[/attachment:1dzvfcum]
[attachment=0:1dzvfcum]2013-08-17 Pool 006.jpg[/attachment:1dzvfcum]


Jan 29, 2014
Christophertx, Greetings. Been following your build with our new build. Same controversy of the tahoe vs tropics going on with us. Would be most appreciative of the full details of your not stones capes tropics blue pool finish. I.E. the specifications of with oe without abalone, mini pebble or regular, or any added/subtracted elements to it. My wife and I agree that your color is awesome. It's exactly what we are looking for. Thanks so much and enjoy your pool once the weather improves. We are in central Texas fyi.


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Sep 23, 2016
I love this. And find it so very helpful. We are building a sport pool, 3.5/6/3.5 in sunny California and it has been hard for me to figure out if Tropics blue will be the right depth of color for me but now that I see this photo, I am sold.

Ana V.

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Feb 11, 2019
Thanks for the time! I have been looking at their site also. I think we are going to settle on the Tropics bc we have white coping and blue waterline tile. the decking will be light in color. Worried it might come out to light but worried the blue granite will come out gray. Feels like a gamble on how a color will come out no matter which.
Hello, Can you send me a picture of your pool with Tropics Blue mini pebble StoneScapes please? Is it more Blue or Green?