Stock Tank Pool


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Jul 16, 2019
New Orleans, LA
Hi. New to forum. I installed a stock tank pool this summer (8 x 2) with an Intex 2500GPH pump. I was adding chlorine via tablets in a float but the chlorine was never registering. Didn’t realize I needed to “open” the pool with lots of chlorine initially so I did that after a few weeks. Chlorine was good the next morning but by that evening levels were just about non existent again. PH and alkalinity are good. CYA always low to non existent. I have added the dichlor granules in the evening several times now within the last two weeks. Always good early the next morning then not so much later that same day. I have added stabilizer granules (dissolved in water) a couple of times but can’t get the CYA to register normal. I’m thinking about adding chlorine bleach every evening until the level stabilizes. But I think I probably need to add a lot more stabilizer to get the CYA where it belongs or I’m just spinning my wheels. Weather has been super hot up until end of last week when Barry was hanging around. I know lots of people have their pools in direct sunlight all day and their chemicals are balanced. I’m at wits end trying to figure out how to get the CYA and chlorine levels up keep them there in this 700 gallon pool. Water was super clear for ten days or so then gets a little cloudy (mostly after use).