Still Cloudy after 6 days of SLAMing


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Aug 11, 2010

We have been faithful members here for several years. This year we're having issues getting clear water. Tbh, we were lazy getting the pool closed last year; it didn't happen until the end of October, which is about a month late. We also stopped keeping up with daily maintenance for the last month.
Now that I have made my confession, here are our 6-11-20 pics after removing cover & today 6-19-20 pics & our latest stats:

FC = 8.5 (Plan to add 56 oz tonight based on CYA =50)
CC = .5
PH = 7.4 Goal 7.5
TA = 90 Goal 100
CYA = 62?

Not sure if CYA is correct. We usually start with a CYA of 0, so I didn't check it before adding 2 lb of stabilizer to bring it to 50ppm. We have been adding 12.5% bleach based on a CYA of 50. Tonight I measured the CYA with my kit & got the 62 reading, but not sure if I trust the reading.

Any thoughts on what to do next, other than some slight adjustments to PH & TA based on the Pool Calculator?

T H A N K S ! ! !



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May 3, 2014
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You have come a long ways in a week. Especially if your CYA is 70 (round up) and you have been at SLAM level FC of 20 ppm.

Raise your FC to 28 ppm. Test and add liquid chlorine at least 3-4 times per day. Brush brush brush.

Do not concern yourself with pH or TA. Just chlorine. Often.


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Aug 11, 2010
Thank you, Marty! I appreciate your prompt response.
We figured out that our filter was to blame; once my husband swapped it our the pool cleared up in a day! It was hard to see in the pics I posted, but there was a lot of floating debris which was unusual after running the pump nonstop for a week. That pointed us to the pump / filter as the culprit!



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Apr 11, 2020
I agree. My pool was almost where yours was in the 2nd pic after 3 days of slam and I had to continue around a other 4-5 days before the oclt passed.