Stihl Kombi System Pricing?


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Jul 10, 2018
Good afternoon folks...
I am switching over from a Stihl KM 55R Kombi system for weed trimmer, edger, blower to a battery operated one this year. No particular reason, just like the convenience of not managing gas.
This thing has been amazing for the few years ive owned it.
Problem is its about impossible to price. Since its only sold through dealers, their websites wont list the price . I dont remember what I paid for it all either.
Ebay is no help, craigslist has nothing.
LInk provided is pictures

Its the Head unit
Weed Wacker

I want to say each of the attachments were $100-$150 and maybe $2-300$ for the head unit, but I cant really remember.
Any idea where I could manage to get some pricing so I dont under or over price it?
I was considering $400-$450 for the whole lot.
thanks folks

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Jun 22, 2009
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I've switched about all my gas powered small equipment over to battery powered (my choice is Ryobi, just because I already have a ton of their tools) Except for one blower and I'm keeping the Hitachi.

Now after that rambling, As Casey said it really doesn't matter to most folks that you are trying to sell good equipment, used is used to most folks. Look at the local classifieds and see what groups of used equipment are selling for and come up with a price you can live with.


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Jul 10, 2018
Its funny, I am trying to find anything comparable, and its just hard :)... I have a ton of Ryobi tools as well, but small batteries for each... not good enough for trimmers, edgers etc... I’m going with the ego line


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Feb 8, 2018
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When buying used, most people compare to whats readily available (regardless of quality levels). Generally, people aren't very interested in anything used unless its around half price (or less) of the currently available new products. And the older it is, the more discount they want.

For example... If a brand new, "cheap" weed eater with attachments costs $200 today, then your used equipment, of similar function, would have to be $100 or less to get much interest.

Unfortunately, ebay isn't always a good resource for pricing, because so many people are trying to make profits off of everything they sell. Craigslist is a better comparison for used items. Or just start with 50% off a similar new product and see where it goes? Most likely, people will still try to haggle.

BTW, I replaced all my gas equipment with battery powered late last year and have been very pleased with less hassle for gas, and other issues. I tried Ryobi lawn mower, but it failed miserably. I ended up getting all "E-Go" equipment. The batteries last MUCH longer and have a smart/fast charger. The ryobi unit took 4 hours to recharge a battery, but the E-Go only takes 45 minutes. And the E-Go battery is 7.5MAH versus 5.0. The ryobi wouldn't do 1/4 of my yard on a single charge, but the e-go does the whole yard with time to spare.

Just my thoughts!


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Jul 10, 2018
I’m pretty sold on the ego line... done hours and hours of research and have very few issues to complain about from users. I like Milwaukee tools, but for what I need (mower, edger, trimmer, blower) should be great for me