Aug 10, 2007
long island, ny
Hello all,
Desperately need help! I had my liner & 8ft wide step replaced (I believe its a fiberglass) by POOL DOCTOR of east northport here in Long Island, NY, Nov of '09. Beginning of this summer, i noticed the steps are not straight. 1.The top step, above the waterline, dips in the middle. 2. The second step, just below the waterline, bulges upward, like a hump, creating a very slippery slope. 3. The other remaining steps either concaves or bulges. None of the steps is flat. Also they are springy, feels like not enough base support. I've complain to the installer, POOL DR numerous times, they sent a tech to assess the situation, but so far, it's been over 2 months & nothing is being done. I need help in identifying the manufacturer of this step, to determine if it's incorrectly installed. POOL DR would not give me the time of day! Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance, pls view the photos:

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