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Aug 8, 2014
Central Ontario, Canada
Hey, Group!
I read far more than I post here, but after servicing my Stenner 45MHP10 Pump today for the first time in 6 years (eek!) I was so thoroughly impressed with their service manuals and genius of simplicity that I had to pay it forward. I have an 80k liter inground and was fed up with the hassle of pucks so I jumped in with a Stenner variable rate pump and a chlorine tank in 2014. So now I measure my daily burn for about a week each season, adjust the injection rate and enjoy. There is the small side-effect of a constantly rising pH due to the chlorine but occasional hits of "pH Down" acid bring that down very easily, as I test regularly anyway. Very happy with it - 6 years and running strong. So far I replaced a tube (don't consider that service, really - it is the only major wear part) and today I muscled a mangled nylon cam rope back into place - but that's on me, it should have been lubed and cleaned when I did the tube, I didn't know.

Initial investment is somewhat steep - about $500CAD - but I am enjoying the simplicity and reliability of this chlorinating solution. If anyone was considering it, I am *far* from any sort of pool pro, but as a basic user happy with the way it works, I can recommend it. (Full Disclosure: I am in Ontario, Canada - so it only runs a few months a year, the entire system is on a daily timer cycle, and I bring the motor indoors for the winter)

Enjoy your summer.
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May 3, 2014
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Great you are having success.

The pH rise is not due to the liquid chlorine -- just want to clear that up in case others read here.