Stenner pump for chlorine. Help with sizing and install ideas


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May 25, 2018
Hello all - thank you all for your replies - appreciate all your inputs - asked my PB to quote me the difference b/w ET 4 vs ET 8 (keeping in mind I see the wiring of the Stenner to the ET8 on this thread) - he quoted me $636 to upgrade to ET8 - does that cost seem reasonable?

Also I was searching for the Stenner pump online and came across: Stenner 15 Gallon Tank System With 100 PSI Adjustable Pump 1/4 Inch Tube - will this work?

I called a few pool companies in my area and found 1 guy who says he can do the install - quoted me $135 (told me to call him once everything was installed)


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May 31, 2015
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I have the same pump 100psi 10GPD (mine is 120v).
I keep the adjustable portion set to full flow so I don't wear out the ratcheting mechanism, and set my timer accordingly.
For my pool, it runs about 1/2 hr per day in 2 sessions of 15 minutes each.


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Jul 14, 2017
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Tex - I think there is probably no difference in how ET4 vs ET8 would need to be wired. ET8 just has 4 more relays than ET4. Up to you if you need the additional capacity. I cant comment on the pricing difference


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Jun 29, 2018
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Curious how the stenner pump could be set up with easytouch. Would I wire it in to a relay and use an Aux button on the panel?

With a fixed pump, if you have an EasyTouch, JandyRS, etc. you could wire it into the control panel and use the systems scheduling features. If you are setup for the app, you basically could control the feed time(Scheduling), or even set it up as a Feature that you could turn on anytime via the app.

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Does this tank have coloring in it, or enough coloring, to shade the chlorine from UV?


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Jun 16, 2016
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I would consider an Econ T since it has an onboard timer built in. Probably easier to program and has a battery backup to keep time during power outages.

i have an Econ T and it is not tied to the pumps on/off cycle. I simply program 30 minutes or so of dosing to fall within the pumps duty cycle (in my case a window of about 20 hours). This is a personal choice, but probably not a huge hazard with liquidity chlorine. I recently converted to dosing MA and this setup has worked beautifully. Granted I don’t have a heater to worry about.