Starting the build on my "Spool" - Houston Texas area

Apr 25, 2017
Tomball, TX
So my wife and I decided to go ahead put a pool in our small backyard. We have no desire to move anytime soon so we thought we would maximize the space we have and put in a pool so us and our 3 kids can hopefully enjoy it. I was told that I may not need a feature pump because the main pump is more than enough. Do I need a Polaris 280? I have zero trees and was told this cleaner is mainly for leaves. Any advice is appreciated. Here is what is quoted so far along with a couple of pictures:

  • Custom pool 30’4" length x 12’average width.
        • 82’ Perimeter
      • Approx. 288sq. ft. of water surface in pool area
      • Recreation pool - depths are 3’6" to 4’ to 5’ (these depths are approximate and can be adjusted)

  • Access from right side of yard
  • Remove four section of fence and replace after decking.
  • Small bobcat excavation
  • Access will be graded only at final clean up.
  • No reroutes are included unless stated below.

  • Excavation by Bobcat through shallow end ramp. Includes dirt removal
  • Standard steel reinforcement throughout pool – (4) ½" bar continuous throughout beam, ⅜" bar in walls and floor
  • Pool structure to be 100% gunite with continuous bond beam
  • Bathing shelf step entry as per plan.
  • (2) Two 16" Scuppers on 6" raised beam
  • 15' linear feet of 12" raised beam with mosaic Flagstone or tile facing
  • All plumbing is 2" schedule 40 PVC pressure tested
  • (2) Two Hayward skimmers plumbed with separate line back to equipment
  • (2) Two V.G.B.A. safety main drains 3’ feet apart plumbed with separate line back to equipment.
  • Separate in wall V.G.B.A. safety in wall suction for water feature pump.
  • 3/4" fill line inserted in tile band operated by a gate valve
  • 2" Overflow outlet tied into 4" area drain
  • 4" area drain line run to street or storm, (6 to 8) heads, applicable down spouts tied in.
  • Electrical hook-up from main to equipment location
  • GFI electrical plug/breaker for lights
  • (2) Two clean-ups – one after gunite and one after plaster

  • 6" tile band around pool in your choice of any standard tile
  • Flagstone coping set around perimeter of pool as per plan.
  • P-gravel concrete decking as per plan
  • Concrete for deck will be tied with steel mesh and reinforced along beam
  • Quartzscape- choice of standard colors
  • Start up of equipment and "Pool School" by Backyard Pool Specialists

  • Hayward 5030 Quad Cluster cartridge filter
  • Hayward Ecostar Variable speed pool pump
  • Hayward 1.0 hp. Super II feature pump
  • Polaris 280 cleaner
  • Rainbow 320 chlorinator
  • Hayward lights- Color Logic LED
  • Deluxe maintenance package.



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Mar 4, 2016
McKinney, TX
Nice!! Did they suggest a heat/cool pump or pool chiller of some sort? That is my biggest regret. It is not fun when the pool feels like a warm bath in the middle of July :) If I could get a do-over I'd trade our raised wall and water features and even get a cheaper plaster for the ability to cool the pool!
Apr 25, 2017
Tomball, TX
Re: Starting the build on my "Spool" - Houston Texas area

Will the pool get any shade from your home and trees? If so maybe you wouldn't need it? Mine is in full sun all day.
It's gets a good amount of sun from about 3 to dark. Will stay pretty shaded most of the morning and until noon

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I love your design! It fits the space really well. Do you mind sharing some pictures of the current yard so I can get a better feel?
I will take some this evening when I get home from work and post them. It was hard for me to visualize especially since I have a big swing set in the yard.


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Oct 17, 2016
Dallas, TX
Which way does your house face - which side of the house is the pool on? My pool is 2 years old - in North Dallas, has the shade of a big live oak, more than I want, and barely warms to temps I like. It's all about preference I guess, I like water about 86 and the pool barely warmed to that for a few weeks last year. I had some serious pruning done to the tree this spring so hope it will do better. So it all depends on the shade you'll get on the pool.

I've got friends - pool gets full sun and they stay around 92 or 93 in the hotter months, so indeed they can get too warm. All depends on which side your pool is on and how much sun it will get.