Stainless Steel Maintenance


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May 24, 2007
Staten Island NY
Anyone got any advice for maintaining the stainless steel ladders? The manufacturer recommends cleaning the stainless steel with glass plus. Seems to work well but does obviously does not offer any protection. I was thinking of using automotive wax. Good idea, bad idea any other idea?


Jul 18, 2007
Check this link.
I have used their product "The Stuff for Stainless" to maintain my stainless steel wall panels and it works excellent. They may have a dealer in your area. I bought directly from them but they were a bit hesitantat first. Shipped UPS and I received the very next day (I am in Cleveland OH though and so are they). I also used it to clean my stainless steel grill and it looks like brand new. They took a VISA over the phone.