Sta-rite System 3 Leaking - all normal things tried


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Mar 24, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
The unit is 13 yo. (cartridge) I've replaced the big o-ring twice, well lubed it, scrubbed each hold-down with scotch-brite on the filter and the clamp things, and then sprayed with silicone to allow them to slip forward for clamping action and still get leaks in various places. I have a special plier tool that allows me to turn the spinners as hard as I want (any more and I think they would crack). I've scotch-brited the grooves where the big oring goes too. I'm completely baffled. I've taken it apart several times when cleaning and each time, I get more meticulous and still have a leak at one spot. Could the rectangular clamp things spread a bit from overtightening in the past so I should try to replace a few? I can't believe the big drum itself is the problem. It's not a crack because I've looked, and the leaks happen at different places.

Ideas please!?

I just checked. One clamp is $79!! A new unit is over $1K.


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Jul 3, 2013
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What type of filter is it? Please put it in your signature so we know :)

I think you have tried just about all you can, might be time for a new one... You may try a new clamp and see if that works..

I know they are expensive but my Pentair cart filter has never leaked and is easy to take apart and put back together, I think it is a better design...