South Florida pool newbie looking for recommendations / Resurfacing


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Apr 22, 2018
Fort Lauderdale
Hi all

I've watched this forum for a bit as I attempt to take over an older pool at my home.

I have no idea of the age of the pool but my assumption is it was built/DiamondBrite'd ~1980s/90s. The surface has a small amount of discoloration in patches but generally not too bad.

The pool is chlorine-based (awaiting a new test kit TF-100 as recommended on here) yet I am looking to switch over to a SWG'd pool.

As I know the pool chemistry is a mess (previous owners) and the flooring is not pretty I'm considering "restarting the pool chem' work/learning" after the resurfacing and switch to SWG.

I would love to know if anyone has experience or could recommend a local South Florida (I'm in Fort Lauderdale) pool companies to execute a good DiamondBrite (or even discuss the real benefits of the PebbleTec upgrades). I've received lots of quotes:

Cliff's Pools - as well they quoted their "special" Krystal Blue (ie. no dye colored plaster aggregate - which is interesting but I can't see any references to this being installed in anyone's pool)
Sun Blue Pool
Pool Depot FL
Pool Tech
Premier Pools
awaiting a Downtown Pools (FTLauderdale based company)

The quotes are all over the price spectrum (from 1800 to 2850 for the base color pricing tier). Some include 1 initial fire-up chemical balance but 1 vendor will include 4 weeks of fire up chemicals/scrubbing which seems interesting. Some will charge ~$650 to clean the existing water line tiles (if I leave) some will only replace the water line tiles at $900-2k..... etc. etc. lots of pricing variations.

Any advise?

Hoping to get this vendor to switch over to SWG and maybe update my 1.5hp Pool to a new Variable HP if it makes sense.