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Jul 9, 2018
So, after our last big storm in Northern California, the winds ripped my (6) 6 x 12 Solar Panels off the roof. We are now going to replace them, but are not sure which way to go. One company uses Fafco panels, and the other that we got a quote from uses panels from Suntrek. We do get very heavy winds a few times a year, so the Fafco panels that have the individual tubes, so the wind can flow thru them, instead of lifting up the full panels we previously had, sounds good, but not sure about their efficiency. I can't tell if the Suntrek are the same style as the fafco, appears they have individual tubes also, but maybe with a backing to them, which might not be great for the wind situation. Anyhow, looking for any advise you all may have. We have an inground 35 x 17 free form pool, roof is on the southern side for max exposure, but pool does get some shade. Thanks in advance


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May 3, 2007
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Suntrek sells EPDM panels. These are EPDM panels:
Why choose Suntrek solar pool heating systems

They run horizontal instead of vertical and conform to the roof much better (especially tile) than ridged panels. However, they have one downside: The Problems with EPDM Synthetic Rubber as a Solar Pool Heating Material

H2otSun does have some flexible alternates that can be installed like SunTrek's and don't have the same problem as EPDM.

We have the same wind problems as you and I ended installing the panels on the ground instead. A great option if you have the real estate.
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