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May 26, 2010
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So I got my pool filled this weekend (18'x48" AGP) and I'm working on the 4 days of startup per the instructions in pool school. So far so good! I had to vacuum last night because a lot of junk on the bottom and when i hopped in it was a bit chilly. We had heavy rains & wind here for 2 days...... The water temp is up to about 70 Degrees right now...... (not bad for just filling her up!)

My question is about the solor cover... when and for how long should I keep it covered?

Does having the cover on the pool have ill effects on the water because it's not really able to get any air??

Any advise is welcome.

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Oct 29, 2009
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Re: Solor Cover ??

I've found that I'll get a little bit of CC if I leave the cover on too long (days at a time). It goes away once the cover is removed for a few hours. Supposedly taking it off during the day and putting it on at night is best, but I just leave it on all the time when I'm trying to heat up the water.


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Re: Solor Cover ??

Always on at night, and on during the day if it's cloudy and/or breezy is my theory. Pull it off for several hours every few days if the pool isn't being used.
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