Solar Cover Reel Support...?

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May 27, 2014
Kewaskum, WI
So I remember a post someone had in a thread regarding storage of the reel w/ cover on it while the pool was in use. Like a 2x4 / 4x4 built support end . Be darned if I can find it here now. My issue is our solar reel supports are dead center in our 28' round Doughboy AGP. I typically roll it up and then lift one side out and swing it well out of the way of about 85-90% of the pool, or I horse around and bust my hump and then lift the other side and take the whole cover and reel together and lay it on the ground next to the pool. Ends up killing grass or full of bugs and grass....uncool. My thinking is, if I make or buy a support for the end I swing out and away, I could keep swinging it and it would be completely clear of everything. Does anyone have this issue or has anyone approached this? I'm in WI where an 85 degree day can dip to the low 60s at night - so leaving the cover off in this area is never a consideration. As always - thanks in advance.
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