Solar Cover Question...


Jun 7, 2010
Plainfield, IL

What the appropriate amount of time to have your solar cover on? Can you have it on too much? Just curios as my neighbor made a comment when I went out to check the temp and skimmer after work. She was saying you shouldn't leave it on all the time... Since we were out of town last weekend and all, it has been on since last Wednesday night (about a week now). It's coming off tomorrow to clean and swim regardless, but I was just curious overall. Thanks!


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Apr 4, 2009
Ask your neighbor why?...seriously...I know it can sometimes mess with PH...mine tends to drop ever so slightly with the cover on, but having it on 5-7 days is not a problem...the only thing to look out for is if you had a t-storm/wind while it is on...if there are a ton of leaves etc on top of it and it ends up in the pool, you may have to bump your FC up a bit to destroy the organics that have accumulated on top. But that all I can think of.

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
Tucson, AZ
There are some reports (including from myself) that leaving it on for days at a time will cause CC to creep up. Nothing to worry about, as long as it gets some open time for the sun to burn those off.