So I went to replace my hydrostatic relief valve, and...


Jun 2, 2016
Omaha, NE
...there isn't one!

My pool (gunite) is currently drained for some refinishing work, and I wanted to replace the hydrostat. I popped open the main drain and, lo and behold, there's not one in there! Should I be concerned? Does adding a spot for a hydrostat simply require that a hole be cut (possibly a ridiculously stupid question)? Is that a hire-out-able job that someone will do for relatively little? I not need to be concerned, since this has been the case for 60 years (including, I'm told...several years where the pool sat completely empty) and the thing hasn't popped out of the ground yet? I'm at the top of a hill and my water table is not high, so I don't *think* it should be an issue, but I'd much rather spend some money to safeguard it now when the pool is empty, than come home one day to find a catastrophe in the back yard.

Appreciate your guidance!

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One last thought -- are these things ever located somewhere other than in the main drain in the deep end? Is it possible that I have one and just don't know where it is?


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Jun 23, 2016
Millville, NJ
I didn't think mine were in the main drains - there are 3 circles with lines through them at the bottom of my pool and I thought they were somehow positioned in there, but this is my first pool so I could be mistaken.

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