Small above ground pool partially in ground.


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May 8, 2018
St. Augustine, Florida
I just finished putting in this 12 foot wide 30 inch deep pool and thought I would share my experience with others considering doing the same. At first I was going to install an in ground pool but found it was going to cost 20 grand to pay someone to do it. Next I looked at installing one myself which I am sure I could do but found it was going to cost about 7 grand to do it and the permitting by myself was pretty much impossible where I live. All I really wanted was something to cool off in and don't really want to swim that much. I've got the Atlantic for that. My main objection to above ground pools is they usually don't look very good so I wanted to bury it and have it blend into my backyard. I looked at using a stock tank but decided to go with what you see here. I buried it so the water level is still about 6 inches above ground level so I could use an above ground pump and also to keep my dogs from going in it. I actually dug a hole with a shovel and installed a 15 foot 4 foot deep pool, filled it and decided it was to big and gave it to my son and installed this. I paid less than $100 for the pool, bought a small above ground salt water pump filter combo for less than $300 and put the pump system about 15 feet from the pool where its hidden. I installed an in ground skimmer also. The wood bench around it is not attached to the pool. I sprayed the outside of the pool and structure with 2 cans of Rustoleum paint which was labeled good for plastic.Obviously if I took the water out it the sandy dirt around the sides might cave in but I don't plan on that until I replace it. Actually when I removed the larger pool there was very little cave in. If I did this over I would replace the up right struts with PVC pipe so it wouldn't rust. If I get 3 years out of this I'll be happy. I'm pretty sure I could replace the pool easily in a day and it would cost less than $100.