Skimmer baskets


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Jun 7, 2018
Keyser, WV
Last year I found it funny when I asked about how to stop skimmer basket from floating out of place, I got the answer, I put a rock in mine. I guess this is the way to deal with it, but it makes no sense that it float out as it does. I liken it to buying a new car and you tell dealership that the gas pedal sticks and he tells you to place a bed spring under the pedal. I do also notice that when using a suction vacuum, I cannot use the the round plate with the tube coming out from it. I have use the hose stuck down in to the skimmer alone. I cannot get suction doing it with the provided circular disc and hose bib. This and the way the basket floats out suggests poor workmanship on a pool that costs over three thousand dollars. As I say this I realize it's probably a cheap skimmer package sold by pool company


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Jan 6, 2010
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My skimmer twists to lock in place and sometimes that is a real PITA. I'd rather just grab and go.

I also can't use a vacuum plate because the suction goes to the main drain instead. Why not? It's a shorter run and a larger diameter and smoother than that corrugated vacuum hose is.

And mine is a built-in. You aren't doing so bad.

First-world problems. ;)