Skim a Round

J. Rene

New member
Jul 21, 2019
Anyone had success with the skim a round strainers? I bought one and tried it for a few months and did not see any improvement. I adjusted the height and kept the swing door flapper to the entrance of the skimmer open (as per the instructions) and I eventually went back to my old skimmer strainer.

I even tested the suction coming from that line and it was fine.

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts and/or suggestions.

Marty D

Well-known member
Jun 16, 2016
Quogue new york
I have 3 and if the water level is to high then there is no different between both. I tried with water level lower- ( below the center screw on skimmer plate ) that’s were is works the best. It does suck much better. It’s hard to keep water level that low. Any lower you may burn out pump.