Signing contract this weekend in Austin, Texas. Thoughts on layout?


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Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
I have three proposals I'm choosing from. 65k, 77k, and 78k. All have basically the same equipment. I created this pool plan yesterday when I got bored to help me visualize space better. Please take a look and let me know if you see anything glaring or trouble areas. I have not placed the equipment pad on the plan but it will be on the left side of the residence. Standard 15x30 pool with 5x10 shelf. Raised beam the back length of the pool. Steps are bottom right of the pool with a bench extending from one of them. I also attached our inspiration for the design. Our back yard is flat with nothing on it but grass. A bit smaller shelf/ledge shown on the photo but you can see what we are after. Excited to see your thoughts.

Cuellar Pool.jpg

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May 20, 2020
Austin TX
Hi, looks beautiful! I'm having a similar pool put in.

Pool Dimensions: Geometric 30' x 17.5' at longest and widest points
Pool Perimeter: Approx. 95' linear feet
Pool Area: 525' sq. feet
Pool Depth: 3.5' x 5.5' of water
Pool Gallons: 14,659
Tanning Ledge: Free form 8' x 10' & 6” Deep of water inside of the pool perimeter
Spa Dimensions: Removed
Spa Perimeter: Removed
Spa Area: Removed
Spa Depth: Removed
Spa Gallons: Removed
Spa Raise: Removed
Spa Spill Way(s): Removed
Raised Pool Wall: Approximately 17.5' feet of 18” raised wall off the end of the pool at deep end and will have same tile on
interior face and sides as spa/pool tile with (2) 2' sheer descents (Gray Under pin texture will be on the back
face of raised wall)

we'll have to keep watch on each other's pool. We are building a new house so my pool may not be done till December as my pool builder and my house builder are working together so THEY can share costs.
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