Show off your AGP Deck please!


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Aug 20, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
Ours is a work in progress. Top deck is old, but roof, pool and other decks are all new this year. We obviously still need some rails and we'll level the trampoline and build a rope bridge to it.

I really want to finish around the pool but the distance from the pool to the fence and the pool to the edge of the retaining wall is creating a conundrum.20190908_121800.jpg20190908_121734.jpg20190908_121812.jpg20190908_121818.jpg


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Apr 4, 2017
Saraland, AL
This is ours at the current moment. We have a weird neighbor who likes to come prop up on the fence and just stare into our yard - their house is slightly higher than ours, so they can see right into our yard easily - so I built this privacy fence wall to block his view. Ha!
We are actually having a load of lumber delivered tomorrow so we can add on an additional 12x24 area to what you see here.


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Jul 29, 2013
Arkadelphia, AR
Here is ours from the rooftop. The lower deck was built off of our mobile home before we moved. We moved it and attached it to the main deck we built on the back of the house. I plan to extend it about 12 feet down each side of the pool this year to create more privacy.
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May 31, 2015
Gaylesville, AL
I might have to post with updates later, as the wife just mentioned enlarging the deck that I THOUGH I had completed last year!
Happy Wife... happy life, and keep repeating until it happens! hehehe :)
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May 31, 2020
Sioux Falls SD