Should I replace the broken chorinator or not?


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Jun 7, 2010
I am new to the forum and I love the BBB concept. I read the basics.

My chlorinator is currently broke (plastic near connector is broke), should I replace it with a new chlorinator (~$100 in Lesiles). I have about half bucket of chlorine tablets that I had bought last year.

Please advise, if it's worth buying chlorinator and is it useful if start using BBB approach.



Chuck it and make the switch to bleach (chlorine) in liquid form. You'll be adding water, chlorine and a little bit of salt; nothing more! Once you've made the leap, and don't have to deal with all the junk in the pucks, you'll be glad you did :goodjob:


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Apr 14, 2010
Stephens City, VA
I just had my tab chlorinator removed. The line was replumbed I got a liquidator to auto feed liquid chlorine/bleach.

I've noticed a few things...
1. The jet pressure on my return is fantastic now as the tab feeder was allowing air into the pressure side of my system.
2. Jug dumping was fine, but auto liquid feeding allows me even less hands on maintenance of my pool, which means more time for swimming and having fun.


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Jun 7, 2010
Thank you! I will have the chlorinator outlet closed. I am ordering my refills thru TFT online too.


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Jul 23, 2009
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+1 for the Liquidator, best money I've spent on my pool in a long time. There is a forum here that will answer any questions you have about it.

Also check out simicrintz's web page as he sells the liquidator and has great customer service... :cool:

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