Shear Descent repairs


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Nov 29, 2015
Carrollton tx
Im "OCDing" my way through my pool one item at a time

Memorial day I spent some time with the sheer descents. I have 3 - (2) 2 foot and one 3 foot
The 3 foot has flow issues the plumbing is setup to allow for direction of the full force of the pump to all 3 or the 3 foot by itself

After experimentation I found a number of clear plastic spacers loose in the lip
the are about the size of a wooden BBQ skewer and 8 inches long or so

most were loose

In googling I found the Jandy repair kit

$75.00 for some replacement plastic pieces, a spacer tool and an empty bottle for MEK

Im assuming the MEK is used to try to re "fuse" the plastic spacers in the LIP

the idea that its repairable is great and the fact that a repair kit exists gives me enough info to attempt to repair it myself
But $75 for a plastic bottle, a shim and some plastic spacers ? WOW
Jandy just lost a great deal of respect from me -

thats GOUGING ...
Just WOW ....

I have enough of the recovered spacers to fix what I need
Ill have to experiment with some MEK and see if I can get them to stick correctly

For the next person that googles this - be careful using ANYTING in the slot to "clean" out the slot
Credit cards are a popular choice but go gentle
The "obstructions" may be these spacers
If they are already sideways in the slot they will block the flow