Jun 29, 2010
Frankfort, IL
Hello all,

Looking forward to joining the community.

I have been a pool owner for six years now and have lurked here for quite some time. My experience as a pool owner has been good. I consider myself lucky though as I am the person who just dumps chlorine every couple days into the pool and really hasn't had any issues.

Pool has always been clean and clear. If it became cloudy well I would just dump more chlorine in and run the filter longer. I know call me a noob :) Recently started having some issues with my numbers jumping around and didn't know why. I was a faithful user of the Aqua Check strips, then, moved to the Aqua Check digital device (being returned today, what a piece of Crud), ordered the TF100 test kit yesterday.

Finally decided I need to learn what I am actually adding and why. Once I test my water and get some accurate tests I am sure I will have questions on what to do. I really don't know what to expect at this point.

I am sure we will talk soon, until then, cheers.