Seem to be SLAMing too often


May 9, 2020
Lake Mary, FL
I've noticed I seem to be slamming the pool a lot lately. I follow the slamming instructions as stated in the article. I kept my FC at the appropriate slam level according to pool math app, brush & vacuum the pool everyday, pump runs 24/7, test FC multiple times each day and add chlorine to bring up to slam level as needed throughout the day, and then I'll pass an ONCL test and complete my process. Everything is good for 2-3 weeks with me doing the daily and weekly maintenance, and then one day I'll end up with an FC of 0 again, seemingly out-of-the-blue. The pool always looks crystal clear and I've never had a visible algae problem. What am I doing wrong?

Current test results:
FC - 0
TA - 100
PH - 7.7 (always a tad bit on high side since this is a new pool)
CH - 325
CYA - 34
CSI - 0.17


Gold Supporter
May 20, 2020
Katy TX
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
Other than your FC your test results look good. Your CYA may be a tad low but not totally out of line. Since you live in FL you may be getting more sun than you think and losing all you FC to that. You should be testing pH and FC daily and keep FC in the mid range of 5-7 for CYA of 40, not at the minimum (3 ppm). You do not need to keep FC at SLAM level for daily maintenance of your pool but you do need to keep it in the 5-7 range daily. I add liquid chlorine every morning right after I test. If I need to up it further, then I add it in the mid-afternoon. My assumption is that you are using LC because your signature states "chlorine" not a SWG.