Second liner failure in 8 years


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Jun 22, 2016
Merrimack, NH
I just experienced my second liner failure in 8 years, so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things to check.

I’m in northeast US with freezing winters. Back in winter 2018 we had a thaw and next thing I knew there was sand and water in the back yard. The liner was 5 years old. The liner was failed all around and looked like the iceberg had punched it out around the perimeter, but there was one specific area where the sand had breached the pool. This winter I came home to the ice having collapsed in the middle again. Not sure of the exact liner damage yet because there’s still ice and snow inside, but the water is gone and I found sand outside the pool in the same spot as the 2018 failure, so I’m assuming it failed in a similar spot. This time the liner was 3 years old.

Both times I had a 30 gauge overlap Swimline liner. I also had an Armor Guard liner pad.

I used the same company to install the pool originally and the 2018 replacement liner. They are highly recommended in the area both through the pool store and via the consumers so although they are a common element, I believe the workmanship is done properly.

I regularly pump off the winter cover before freezing and leave it alone after ice forms. I’m lost for what’s going on.

With that said, do you all have any ideas on what might be causing my repeated failures? Critters (moles, chipmunks)? Ants? Tremors Graboids?
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Just guessing here, but any chance of water siphoning out of the pool or that you could have pumped water out of the pool from under the ice? Snow on top of the cover pushing down and forcing water out through the skimmer leaving ice unsupported?