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Oct 10, 2007
Lovettsville, VA
I am a huge fam of this site and a lifetime supporter. I bought a house with an inground pool six years ago and I think I spent more money trying to figure it out the first year than I have the last 5, mostly thanks to this site. I don't visit as often as I used to since the BBB method works so well, but I came back today and noticed something that has always bugged me so I figured "What the heck?" and thought I'd post about it.

When I do a search on the forums (since about every issue in the world has been covered by someone at some time here!) I often get words in my search ignored as being "too common". Some of these words are exactly what I want to search on and it is very difficult to come up with a new way to find exactly what I want. For instance, here are some words ignored today in my searches:


Today I wanted to narrow my search to DE filters only but couldn't. Am I missing something here? I understand that indexing search engines can be expensive in overhead, but this seems awfully narrow. Am I not understanding how to do a search properly or have others noticed this behavior as well?