sand or particles behind ABG liner?

need your advice please for new pool owner:

our new ABG (added water on Aug 2) has been a blast and crystal clear thanks to this forum, pool school, pool calc and the BBB method.

over a couple of weeks but much closer over the last several days i have been focusing in on what i think are sand particles (or something) trapped behind the deep end wall and liner - its in about three areas, anywhere from 5-10 to 20-30 close patterned spots/now small, sharp 'bumps' in the liner, some near the bottom, others about 12-14" up the wall. ... otherwise the pool install seems AOK.

no water loss yet but some of those particles/bumps/spots feel, to me, to be rather pointed, almost sharp.

is this bad - should i call the installer - will he/i have to dump water and remove that end of the liner and clean?

b.t.w., this is in the end that the water trucks dumped the initial 8k gal to stretch the liner (all too bad because, otherwise, the liner looks to be perfectly installed).

thanx -

called the installer and he was more than willing to come over and take a look and fix the bumps. suggested we have fun and wait for the season to end (which sadly will be in about 3-4 weeks).

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