Sand filter leaking??


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Oct 26, 2007
Va Beach, VA
How do I know if my sand filter is blowing sand back into my pool? I vacuumed on Wednesday @ 5pm and by 5 pm on Thursday there was sand/dirt on the bottom of the pool :evil: . I'm not sure if this is just dust blown into the pool, or if it is coming from the filter? When I wave my foot next to it, the current pushes the dust away and it completely disappears so it is a very fine dirt/sand. I don't have an automatic vacuum going right now :? . I am not sure if this is just normal dirt buildup in the pool or if something is wrong. The dirt is spread out over the entire bottom of the pool and collects on the small wrinkles in the liner. Algae grows extremely fast under neath it if I don't vacuum at least once a week. It is a light-dark tan color. I feel like I am spending more time vacuuming than enjoying my pool :oops: .

Also, how often should I backwash my sand filter?