Salt in pools


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Sep 8, 2016
One more thing. All pools are salt pools.

Let's say your 30kgal pool is using 8.25 chlorine and your pool used 3FC a day. That's 5ppm of salt you just added. So after 600 days, you have. 5*600=3000 ppm salt pool.

I understand and this is an exceptional amount of FC use, but typical in summer and or heavy use. And 600 days is nearly 2 years. So let say I'm off by 3:1. That's still 1000 ppm. And in another 2 years you are up to 2000ppm salt.

So anyone stating salt pools are corrosive compared to chlorine pools must be changing out their water every 6 months. Or they live where it rains a lot.

All pools are salt pools, it is only the ppm that may be higher in SWG pools. So if your pool has materials that are sensitive to salt, you are screes either way.

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Aug 10, 2012
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Re: Texas vs. SWG - What is the deal

Correct, all forms of chlorine, bleach, pucks, etc add salt to the pool. So does muriatic acid and most tap water has several hundred ppm of salt.
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