Round vs Oval?


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Jul 5, 2010
Yorktown, VA
We are seriously looking into an above ground pool. I prefer the oval over the round. Are there any known problems with ovals pools? We were looking at the 26X15 or 33X18 Morada from Rec Warehouse. Also, I have always heard negative stories about Rec Warehouse especially once you have paid for your product. If you have problems later, I have not heard positive things about their customer service. We went there anyway to be open minded and to see what all our options are before spending a good amount of money. We were very impressed with the person who assisted us. He was very knowledgable and helpful and explained everything to us. One of the local family run pool companys seemed too busy to do that for us. Does anyone have any advice for us? We will not be installing the pool ourselves.


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Aug 17, 2007
Eastern Canada
In our area, ovals are discouraged by the pool builders, as they don't seem to handle the snow load as well as the round ones. Of course, if you live below the snow belt, this won't be a problem!


Apr 18, 2007
Orland Park, Il
I live in the Chicago area (sw suburbs) and we like the oval for swimming laps. We have not had any issues with snow build up, and it's our 5th year. I could be wrong but I think you would get a round for 2 reasons, lower cost and space limitations, other than that I think an oval is the way to go (IMHO of course).