Riptide Pool Slide vs SR Smith Turbo Twister


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Jan 22, 2020
Surf City, NC
Has anyone here had experience with either of these slides? I noticed this new slide called the Riptide Pool Slide by a company named Global Pool Products which must be new. I was looking last year for a slide and the only 2 companies were Inter Fab and SR Smith. Now there is this new company with several slides.

I mainly want to get a slide for under 4k.
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Jul 3, 2013
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Hey there, As this is the slow season it may be awhile before someone comes along with an answer... Maybe this will bump you and someone will see it... :)
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Jun 10, 2020
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I don't have either of the slides you specifically asked about, but do have a SR Smith one. I think mine was just about $4k installed. I have the Typhon. I actually only got that one because the local distributor had one in stock, correct side, and turned out to be the right price for us. Retail I think they are around $2,500 or so. I think the Turbo Twister model is a bit more, somewhere around $3k to $3.5k retail. Depending on the area, I'm sure the installation costs may be different, but for me, that was the right price. Will have mine tied into an actuator valve so I can turn the water on or off with the Pentair app as well as have the automation not allow my auto cover to close if it is on, or not turn it on if the cover is closed.


I looked at the Global Pool slides, but in the end, my PB had a local SR Smith one so that's where we ended up. I think the Global ones were a bit more money too, but I do like them. I like how the plumbing is enclosed in the slide so you can't see it. Looks like some of their products are relatively new as well. Saw some patent applications on the web as late as December 2020 for new products.

$4k for one of the slides you asked about may be tough. Maybe you can get them retail, or a little lower cost through a PB, but not sure what an installation cost would be or if you are looking to do it yourself.
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