RIP Polaris 9350! Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Replacement?


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Jun 21, 2014
Pearland/Freeport, TX
Our 4 year old Polaris 9350 finally died on us and I don't think it's worth repairing it any further. We previously replaced a broken wheel and plug adapter under warranty. Now that it's out of warranty we don't feel it's financially affordable to keep repairing it (i.e., motor is around $400).

We're considering the Nautilus CC Plus as a replacement. Brand new on Amazon it's $800 but sells refurbished units for $650 but they only come with a 1 year vs. 2.5 years (new) warranty. Should I be worried about buying refurbished vs. new for the $150 difference? It looks like the Nautilus CC Plus has good reviews and Dolphin seems to have a good reputation on this site.

Any input / suggestions are greatly appreciated!