Right size filter and pump?

Jun 18, 2012
New home owner here which came with a 20+ year old pool. After having some suction problems - which I've cleared up - I did some research on filter and pump sizes. My IGP is 20x40 and holds 33,000 gal. According to this site http://www.swimmingpoolsetc.com/pool-fi ... mation.htm I should be running a 2hp pump with 60sf DE filter. My set up is 1 1/2hp pump and a 36sf DE filter. I don't know the size of the pipes.

Am I ok? It's not like I can do anything about this right now and the pool seems fine. Water was tested after 3 weeks and came back perfect. I did my first backwash last weekend and all seems good to go.


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May 7, 2007
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Sure, you are alright where you are. Ideally you should have a smaller pump (or a two speed pump) and a larger filter. A smaller, or two speed, pump will save you money on electricity, and a larger filter will improve system efficiency and increase the amount of time between backwashing/cleaning the filter.