return pvc 1/4 outside Gunite edge.


Mar 8, 2018
I have an on going new construction in-ground build at home.

Is it a big concern if I see 1/4 of pvc for water return exposed outside
of Gunite edge.

Gunite, Coping and tile have been completed, and on one corner of pools outer edge I can see
1/4 of pvc for a return valve running along outer edge of pool wall.
The outer Gunite edge is still bare and should end up with a vaneer that will cover this 1/4 inch of pvc.
But, should I be concerned the PVC is not centered correctly within the Gunite wall?
It does not look correct that 1/4 inch of this pvc is currently exposed.

Thank you


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Jun 20, 2016
Can u put up some pics of it? U talking about inside the shell or outside the shell? If inside mine were longer and then we cut them down before plaster. If on outside of shell mine were sticking out about a foot and they trimmed them back to where they needed to be when they did the plumbing.

So im confused? Pics are awesome!


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Jun 20, 2016
I see what you mean. So that outside wall of the gunite is going to be Covered because of elevation I assume. I would think it doesn’t matter as long as they r careful when they work. Are u worried it will be out in the elements? Or that they will damage it? I think u r good. Maybe others can chime in.


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Jul 18, 2018
Austin, TX
I'm having the same issue right now. We haven't shot gunite yet but are scheduled to this Friday. We have a few areas where the pvc is under and outside the form. In this pic you can see a sliver of white under the plywood rather than inside it. This is looking down from a side wall. PVC pic 1.jpg Have plumbers coming tomorrow to take a look. How did yours turn out?